Dynex's purpose is to make lives better through careful stewardship of individuals' savings, providing capital for the financing of homes, and strengthening the communities we serve.

Who we are

We are a financial services company committed to ethical stewardship of stakeholders' capital, expert risk management, disciplined capital allocation, and social responsibility.

What we do

We generate dividend income and long-term total returns through the financing of real estate assets, and by doing so support the growth and revitalization of communities in the United States.

We rely on our core values to sustain our high-performance culture and to consistently generate attractive, long-term returns.

Stewardship. We are thoughtful, ethical, and responsible fiduciary stewards of environmental, social, and financial capital.
Performance. We strive to achieve the highest level of excellence and performance in all we do.
Integrity. Integrity is choosing courage over comfort, doing what is right over what is fast or easy, and making choices that are just and ethical.
Trust. We understand that building trust is imperative with each action we take, conversation we hold, and relationship we build.
Kindness. We can accomplish more together and build a culture like no other when we show compassion and understanding toward others.
Equality & Inclusion. We are at our best when we are open, fair, inclusive and accepting to others' ideas, beliefs, and backgrounds. Diversity of people and opinions makes us better.
Innovation. Innovation is a key component of our culture and investment process. We encourage openness to ideas to drive investment leadership in our space.
Collaboration. We believe the contribution of individuals is enhanced through collaboration with others.